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Titan ICT is an Australian company specialising in strategic advice, systems integration and support services to deliver high-quality integrated technology and business solutions. We bring together subject matter expertise, best in breed applications and practical know-how in planning, managing and delivering ICT projects that create better efficiencies and whole of business benefits.


Systems integration

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ICT solutions to keep you at the top of your game

Wireless Technologies

From strategic advice to systems integration, we can help you engineer the right solution that enables enterprise connectivity anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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Fixed Networks

Titan ICT’s IP/MPLS Network solutions encompass a diverse range of services to address the complex needs of large organisations and enterprise operations.

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Internet of Things

An IoT ecosystem can improve decision-making, ease the digital transformation journey and support sustainable growth.

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Enterprise LTE

An established reputation in designing enterprise and private LTE across the whole project lifecycle delivered by industry-leading experts.

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Smart & Secure

Are you looking to create better cost-efficiencies? Intelligent IP and collaboration solutions can improve operational efficiency, increase safety and reduce costs.

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Enterprise Applications

The technical expertise to help you improve organisational efficiencies and user experiences through a range of enterprise applications backed by the SAP platform.

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