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Project PHiSCom Wave 1
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  • Site Acquisition
  • Installation and Commisioning
Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) has been undergoing significant expansions to meet the ever increasing demand for products, particularly from China. As part of their expansion and development processes, significant demand for a high reliability, robust broadband communication and IT networks is generated in and around Western Australia.

Furthermore, over forty years, RTIO has been almost exclusively dependent upon communication services and supporting infrastructure operated in Western Australia by Telstra. As the scale of RTIO operations in the Pilbara has grown and business reliance upon information systems and technologies has evolved, the criticality of these communication services has exponentially increased in importance.

To date, these third party communication services have been adequate; however, significant issues have begun to emerge indicating that RTIO’s strategic growth initiatives may soon outstrip the capabilities of existing third party communications infrastructure.

In meeting the above demand and challenges, RTIO has taken a plunge to make aggressive changes by executing a massive communication project called Pilbara High Speed Communication (PHiSCom) over three years. This project has been separated into 2 phases, Wave 1 and Wave 2.

Networks in PilbaraTitan ICT consultant team, equipped with vast experience, knowledge and capability, has been awarded the contract to deliver the PHiSCom project. In PHiSCom Wave 1, Titan delivered a proposal which covered the front end engineering works and definition of the overarching network principals for the MPLS/DWDM network which offered the following to Rio Tinto:

  • New proven dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) transmission ICT - Case Study - MPDS DWDM Network in Pilbara - DWDM Equipment Rack.jpgtechnologies over existing fibre optic cable assets to provide high speed, very high bandwidth communications capacity between Cape Lambert, Pannawonica, Dampier and Tom Price.
  • A highly integrated, high reliability and easily managed internet protocol (IP) employing state of the art proven multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) routing to achieve carrier grade connectivity to all RTIO Pilbara applications at the work face.
  • Ample capability to directly integrate and leverage any third party communications services offered between operating sites. This includes the remote operations centre (ROC) and Pilbara (e.g. Telstra MPLS or Telstra E-Line) at strategic sites nominally Karratha, Tom Price and Yandi.
  • A fully redundant fibre optic cable “RTIO/Carrier” ‘ring’ in the Eastern Pilbara. This is achieved by connecting Hope Downs to Yandi mine by connecting fibre terminations between Yandi Substation and Yandi Admin.

Overall, the Titan ICT professional team has successfully delivered the PHiSCom proposal to Rio Tinto and benefits are four fold:

  1. RTIO will own a 10GB privately network between coastal operations and Tom Price.
  2. RTIO will have the ability to seamlessly integrate its owned communications infrastructure with that of third party communications service providers.
  3. RTIO will hold a diverse (physically redundant) communications path supporting its strategic growth plans in the Pilbara region (e.g. 320MTPA).
  4. RTIO will have opportunities to centralise more Pilbara operational functions out of Perth as part of the Remote Operations Centre (ROC) initiative.

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