Client WestNet Rail (WNR)
Project Karara to Geraldton Railway Communication System
  • Feasibility Study
  • Technical Solutions
  • Recommendation & Cost Estimate
grindalbe iron ore

WestNet Rail (WNR) is conducting a feasibility study to provide Iron Ore transportation from the Karara iron ore (magnetite) mine site to the port of Geraldton in Western Australia for the Gindalbie Iron Ore Project. Karara is approximately 250 km south east of Geraldton and approximately 77 km east of Morawa. WestNet Rail currently operates a single track narrow gauge railway line from Geraldton, east to Mullewa then south towards Perth which passes through Morawa. They propose to extend the narrow gauge railway east of Morawa to the Karara mine site and upgrade the existing Geraldton to Morawa section.

Subsequently, Titan ICT consultant professional team has been requested by WNR to undertake the feasibility study which addressed the technical solutions and cost estimates of two communication “desktop” options for the Geraldton to Karara mine portion of the rail network to provide backbone train control voice radio, signalling and ancillary services for Communication Train Control operation from Midland. The two options considered are the 155 Mbps STM-1 digital radio systems (DRS) operating as a 1+1 configuration (hot standby) to improve service reliability and circuit availability, and the optic fibre system network with single mode optical fibre (SMOF) cable.

A recommendation was presented to WNR to implement the OF option based on the following benefits from which its cost is soundly justified against the DRS option.

  • Fibre access for future rail installations including active level crossings, rail bearing, dragging equipment, hot box and wagon detection systems
  • Flexible connection to approach signals and phones etc
  • Almost unlimited bandwidth capacity
  • SMOF very high reliability compared with DRS due to fading
  • Minimal maintenance and no annual spectrum licences

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