Frequency licensing, in our field we are across it on a daily basis. Yet, why is it so important and what can you do to ensure your organisation is compliant with regulations?

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is the statutory authority responsible for ensuring that media and communications works for all Australians. The Authority’s established legislation, standards and codes of practice regulate the use of the frequency spectrum.

Now, as an organisation or perhaps an individual, it is your responsibility to comply with the conditions set forth by the ACMA. This compliance is most likely monitored by a Spectrum or Licence Manager within your organisation. Non-compliance with legislation and regulations – by using unlicensed spectrum or invalid frequency licences – can see individuals slapped with sentences up to a maximum of two years in jail, or a maximum fine of $225,000 for organisations. If you’re not convinced about the reality of these penalties take a look at these real-life examples.

Managing frequency licenses can be a time-consuming function. As a dedicated ICT practice, Titan ICT has its own in-house ACMA accredited frequency assignor who is on hand to provide expert advice and manage the client’s frequency licensing needs.

However, listening to feedback from our clients and the broader market, we identified a need for a simple online service. So, we made it our mission to develop a one-stop shop for businesses to organise and manage their spectrum licenses.

We call it the Titan ICT Frequency Licensing Online Portal – and it’s now accessible to you.

The Frequency Licensing portal is an easy, convenient and secure online service where users can access a range of licensing services, and best of all its self-serve. Functionality includes:

  • Online licence applications and instant quotes
  • Maintain history of licence applications
  • Monitor status of licence submission
  • Fee Estimator

Never miss a renewal

Ok let’s face it; it’s happened to a few of us where inadvertently a renewal has gone amiss. Another component of the online licensing portal is the optional licence management service. By opting into this service you no longer need to worry about licence renewals as this is monitored by Titan ICT’s Licensing team.

In a nutshell, the portal handles a range of licensing functions including: frequency licensing for various systems, ACMA licence compliance audits, frequency coordination and certification, 400MHz transitions, and licence management. It’s worth checking out.