A question we are asked frequently by our clients is: “With so many competing initiatives and limited resources and budget, how can we determine what our true priorities are?”

At Titan we believe the answer is Enterprise Architecture; but what is Enterprise Architecture?

Many definitions of Enterprise Architecture (EA) portray a theoretical or academic approach. However, do you really want or need this? Is it possible or achievable within today’s cost and resource constraints?

We think the answer to both of those questions is No, and as such we have developed a pragmatic approach to EA to deliver incremental improvement in context of your strategic vision.  We call it the Rapid EA Cycle.


 So what makes it Rapid?

Our proven method allows us to quickly identify immature or at risk capabilities that are preventing your organisation from delivering on agreed strategic business objectives.

Our deep dive into these immature capabilities then allows us to pin point which area is causing the problem:

  • People
  • Process
  • Application
  • Information
  • Technology

The resulting Roadmap of Initiatives then has a clear line to specific strategic objectives.  In other words we don’t just tell you What has to be done but we tell you Why it has to be done.

How does it work?

The cornerstone is the development of four primary deliverables

  • Business reference model – What your organisation looks like in context of key functions and processes
  • Business motivation model – What are your Drivers, Goals, Objectives and Measures
  • Capability reference model – What is the current and required level of maturity in each of your capabilities
  • Architecture roadmap What are the initiatives required to deliver on your strategic business objectives


Top 4 Artefacts

Strategy Vs Delivery

Our Rapid EA cycle will deliver the aligned roadmap of initiatives but what happens when it is handed over to your delivery mechanisms?

It’s all in the level of detail but the process is the same.  In other words the cycle can be repeated with increased levels of detail so it doesn’t matter if your area of concern is:

  • Strategic
  • Programme
  • Project

The architectures are developed in such a way that they support each level of focus.

And more importantly the underlying model will immediately inform you of the impact of any proposed change to the roadmap.


The Bottom Line

Titan’s Rapid EA Cycle gives your organisation the confidence that your technology and business strategies are aligned and the impact / risk of change is immediately understood.

If you would like to know more please contact Ian Grinbergs on 1300 60 86 87 or email.