There are a number of strategies to improve the performance and cost effectiveness of your corporate and operational ICT systems and over the coming editions we will focus on these areas in detail. Strategies include.

  • OT/IT Optimisation
  • Sourcing Reviews
  • Applications Delivery Optimisation
  • Business Systems Process Reviews
  • Call Centre and Telephony Reviews
  • IT, Comms and Telco Audits
  • Project Reviews/Audits

In this edition of Technology Update we focus on OT/IT Optimisation where through simple, low risk strategies such as standardisation of equipment, cross-training of staff and sharing of facilities, OT and IT groups can work together to deliver quick wins in both cost reductions and service improvements.

Many consulting firms are offering OT/IT integration programs which start with a review of the organisation’s business structure and operational functions, whilst others including solution vendors offer products to enable information interfaces between process control and ERP systems.

Both approaches may derive some benefit but often require significant investment and organisational change over a long period of time. They often however miss the opportunity to drive significant short term efficiencies in current day-to-day operations through a more simplistic, tailored approach that recognises the organisation’s own IP and existing investments in people, processes and technologies.

Titan’s approach firstly recognises that the organisation’s Operational Technology (OT) systems have clearly different drivers and service needs as compared to their Corporate ICT systems. Nonetheless, we recognise that there are also low risk, high value opportunities to drive optimisation across both groups and through our expertise and experience we can seek out such opportunities and develop simple optimisation strategies across each of the following key focus areas:

  • Technologies
  • People
  • Processes
  • Network
  • Facilities
  • Information

Titan’s approach also centres on Key Success Factors in an optimisation program including operational and executive stakeholder involvement, common business objectives and a structured organisational change program. However, to be truly effective the program must also ensure sustainable optimisation and continuous improvement. The collective, real world experience and skills of our Consultants are able to rapidly assess and develop tailored optimisation roadmaps for your organisation that will also provide the necessary building blocks to enable other strategies such as your broader ISA95 OT/IT Integration vision.

Titan’s strategic approach is illustrated below:

Rons table

Titan is focused on providing complete, innovative and effective solutions and provide unique value to clients as:

  • We are independent, Australian owned and locally focused company
  • We have proven experience and intellectual know-how within both the OT and IT divisions of an organisation
  • We have experience in delivering turnkey solutions across OT and IT design through to operations
  • Our specialisation spans across Information Technology, Business Systems and Communications
  • We provide layered consulting service which includes Strategic Consulting, Enterprise and Solution Architecture, and Engineering services
  • Where required, we draw on specialist consulting partners in areas such as business process and application delivery optimisation, organisational change management and importantly process control engineering.

As a result Titan can provide a range of complementary and tailored consulting services based on a proven approach that will drive real optimisation and efficiency initiatives within your ICT organisation.

Titan ICT has helped many organisations in the resources, commercial and government sectors to drive such programs and we’re ready to help you do the same. So for a friendly, no obligation chat on how to best optimise your ICT Operations, contact Ron Costanzo.