Titan ICT were recently engaged by a mid-sized organisation with a significant IT footprint to review its infrastructure services which were outsourced to an external service provider and to recommend a sourcing strategy for the future that would deliver improved customer service and value for money.

With today’s IT industry showing a preference towards external sourcing strategies where possible, a recommendation by Titan to Insource the services did not seem a likely recommendation at the outset of the assignment.

Following an extensive review of the Client’s current services and feedback from a large group of business and IT stakeholders, the findings were analysed and a recommendation to Insource the services was put forward.

In this case, the decision was not only about the cost of the services and the performance of the service provider, but also the client’s IT environment had substantially changed. The upshot was the need to re-evaluate the current sourcing strategy to determine if there was a model that would deliver better value for money in the new environment and better leverage the improved understanding of the business processes and the impacts of incidents through the use of in-house IT staff to increase customer satisfaction.

As a result we have produced a Case Study that demonstrates why, as a consultant, you need to carefully assess the merits of each situation individually, as what may seem the logical solution may not always be the case.

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