When fantasy becomes reality. It wasn’t that long ago when the Internet of Things (IoT) seemed like a pie in the sky concept.

Yet today, IoT reality is far exceeding expectation. Smart solutions are flooding cities, industrial and healthcare sectors.

In 2019, there were more than 26 billion active IoT devices worldwide. This figure is touted to grow exponentially to 75 billion devices by 2025.

Research commissioned by the Australian Computer Society showed that in 2018 the value of IoT in Australia was close to $19 billion and expected to reach $30 billion in 2023. Further, the research shows that the Internet of Things can achieve potential annual benefits of $22-$34 billion over a period of 8–18 years in the mining industry, and $194-$308 billion across all sectors over the same period.

The IoT heart is beating strong with 127 devices connected per second worldwide. And, the team at Titan ICT are contributing to the heart beat with a range of leading-edge solutions that enables efficiency and optimisation improvements as well as productivity and lower costs.

Michael Ryan, Principal Consultant at Titan ICT said, “IoT within mine operations has the potential to increase output, decrease production costs, improve safety outcomes and reduce environmental impact among other advantages,” explains Mr Ryan.

“IoT technology is the interface to help organisations move towards digitalisation of their operations bringing about substantial and measurable benefits,” he said. “And with access to real-time information business leaders are able to make informed decisions on their assets.”

Titan ICT has been delivering leading-edge solutions to the mining sector since its inception in 2003. Now, it’s helping miners with introducing smart technology.

“Combined with our proven expertise in innovative mine telecommunications technologies, we have partnered with leading IoT technology providers to deliver unrivalled expertise in end-to-end bespoke smart solutions,” said Mr Ryan.

“The collaboration provides you with one provider who can help you realise your automation or smart mine goals, whatever that may look like,” says Mr Ryan. “We take a whole-of-business approach; that means we design, engineer and integrate the technology into your systems for a seamless project delivery.”

For more information on Titan ICT’s smart technology and mine communications systems, contact Michael Ryan on the east coast or Mike Stegena in Western Australia.


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