Brisbane Data Platform User Group

Join the Brisbane Data Platform User Group!

We are thrilled to introduce the Brisbane Data Platform User Group, spearheaded by Khilitchandra Prajapati, one of Titan ICT’s exceptionally knowledgeable Data Architects.

The Brisbane Data Platform User Group is for data professionals and enthusiasts interested in any Data Platform Technologies. This group is a platform-agnostic community based in Brisbane, Australia, dedicated to fostering discussion, sharing ideas, and promoting collaboration in the field of data.

Interested? Read our overview for further information and follow the link at the end:


🔹 In-Person and Online Events: We host a variety of events, both in-person and online, to facilitate learning and networking within our community.

🔹 Idea Sharing: This group is a space for everyone to share their ideas, learn from each other, and grow together.

🔹 Post Sharing: We regularly share useful posts on this channel to keep our members updated with the latest trends and developments in the data world.



As a member of our group, you will enjoy numerous benefits:

🔹 Idea Sharing: Exchange ideas with like-minded individuals and broaden your perspective.

🔹 Learning: Learn from the experiences and knowledge of other group members.

🔹 Speaking Opportunities: Get a chance to share your knowledge and experiences with others.

🔹 Networking: Connect with professionals and enthusiasts in the field of data.

🔹 Socialising: Meet new people and make friends in a supportive and intellectual environment.

All Data Platform techies are invited to join and collaborate in this group. We can’t wait to see the value you bring to our community. Let’s make the most of this platform and create a vibrant, engaging, and informative space for all!
Join via this link: