If you have outer edge-equipment running on your mine, onshore facility, national park or other remote facility, consider the possibility that it might be running on 3G technology. 


TPG (which owns Vodaphone) – December 2023

Telstra – June 2024

Optus – Timeline TBC

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Video Transcript

SUBJECT: Implications of 3G shut-off for outer-edge, last-mile equipment

[speaker conveys that telecoms carriers will soon switch of 3G]

Did you know?… most telecoms carriers will soon switch off 3G.

Whilst, this will have very little impact on most of us, it will have significant implications for last-mile equipment in outlying areas such as mining, agricultural and other regions that still depend on 3G modems.

[speaker suggests implications of 3G shutoff]

So, imagine this scenario… outer-edge, long-forgotten 3G equipment that’s been powering your edge systems for years without a glitch!

Suddenly… it stops working!

Nobody knows why, and that’s because this equipment was installed 10, 12 years before by employees that are no longer with the company or have moved on, got different jobs and, it’s been there, just working but not now!

[speaker provides overview of who/what will be affected]

So, who’s this going to affect? There are various different areas such as remote mine sites, agricultural regions, national parks, water tables, various different reticulation scenarios.

Anywhere, where it’s difficult to run a cable which still might be under 3G coverage.


[speaker provides examples of the types of equipment that might be affected]

The equipment in these regions might include: weather stations, asset tracking equipment, rail signal crossings, environmental monitoring equipment, and solar powered equipment that’s detached from the main infrastructure.

[speaker encourages affected entities to be prepared ahead of the shut-off]

If you’re a mining operator agriculturalist, local shire, onshore operator or any other entity with outer-edge equipment, consider the possibility that it runs on 3G technology and prepare, in advance, before the cut-off!

[speaker introduces Titan ICT as a company positioned to assist with the smooth transition to newer LTE technologies]

Titan ICT is a company that can help you plan to replace this infrastructure. We can conduct assessments of your current set-up and offer advice, planning and design to help you transition to newer LTE technologies.

We also offer system integration for larger infrastructures.

[speaker concludes with contact information]

To find out more about how Titan ICT can help you to enable a smooth transition before the cut-off dates, get in touch by visiting the contact page on our website at

And…to find out what the cut-off dates are, head to the link in our blurb.

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