Known the world over, ICS Designer is an all-in-one powerful tool for radio network planning across all radio technologies including the leading-edge LTE.

Titan ICT is one of a small number of engineering consultancies in Australia that is qualified and conversant with this sophisticated radio planning tool.

The advanced planning capabilities of ICS Designer include indoor, outdoor and mixed indoor/outdoor radio planning to optimise coverage in urban, rural and remote environments.

Its provides precise forecasting for all modes of communication including digital trunking (P25/Tetra), Cellular (CDMA,GSM/GSMR/3G/LTE) 802.11n/mesh, P2P/P2MP as well as short/long haul terrestrial microwave.

It facilitates complex modelling and planning by:

  • Being able to import current and future terrain models
  • Determining locations and coverage from radio base stations
  • Assesses interference from other signals and highlight areas that are impacted
  • Ability to incorporate real ‘in the field’ measurements to refine the model
  • Incorporates Microsoft Bing Maps® providing accurate mapping data which is particularly beneficial when planning within an urban environment

It creates precise modelling that allows the user to accurately predict the performance of a planned solution as well as desktop optimisation prior to equipment procurement.

Titan ICT engineers are fully trained and qualified users of this software and receive ongoing training to keep up to date with any new software releases or updates.

If  you would like to know more on how Titan ICT can assist with your radio planning project contact Mike Stegena on +618 6467 0600 or (.)