It’s been over a decade since the first carrier-grade 4G LTE network was deployed, and five years or so since the introduction of 4G/LTE to the private industry sector as the primary wireless communications network.

The major vendors that support the LTE Operations and Maintenance (OAM) platform have not evolved at the same pace in providing a ready to install, fit-for-purpose OAM solution for managing a private LTE network at a mine, oil or gas site.

As a result, vendors often end up offering the superfluous (“superfeaturrific”) additional capabilities OAM solution with a hefty price tag which is hardly a requirement to manage a small private LTE network.

In this video, you’ll see how the FCAPS model can be used to manage a private LTE within a network operations centre, by crafting a highly cost-effective, fit-for-purpose LTE OAM solution to maintain the system in optimum health.


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