Titan ICT Consultant’s Rodrigo Alvarez and Juan Roman, who both have extensive experience in In-cab communications and signalling systems across Europe and Australia, are the authors of the White Paper titled “ETCS L2 and CBTC over LTE: Convergence of the radio layer in advanced Train Control Systems”.

This paper was presented at the IRSE (Institution of Railway Signal Engineers) technical meeting held over 19 & 20 October 2013 in Perth, which drew a crowd of around 150 railway professionals from all over Australia.

The Paper explores the role of LTE in solving the current challenges faced by Advanced Train Control Systems, in particular CBTC and ETCS. Both systems are more and more driven by common needs, including interoperability, standardised platforms and optimised headways. The convergency trend between both technologies and the adoption of LTE as the radio layer, replacing GSM-R and Wi-Fi, would result in a standard and configurable solution to be adopted by mass transit, high-speed or even freight railways.

The full White Paper is available to download here