A huge team effort lead by Titan ICT, Vocus and GoldNet has seen the Karara Village lit up with high-speed internet services.  This was a challenging project, but we delivered it successfully and on-schedule while exceeding our customer’s expectations. 


  • NBN Type Internet Speeds
  • Fast Installation
  • 384 Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Coverage: Living Quarters & Common Areas
  • Further Upgrades to 1Gbps April 2022
  • Full Project Completion Due July 2022


MINE SITE VILLAGE: Living Quarters & Common Areas

NBN Type Internet Speeds

Over the past 6 months Titan ICT has installed the latest high-speed Huawei Wi-Fi and Fibre (GPON) technology around the Karara Village to enable NBN type internet speeds and services into the living quarters and common areas. A total of 384 Wi-Fi access points  cover 175 dongas and 700 rooms, as well as the new kitchen, old kitchen, beer garden etc.


“Karara recognized that Titan ICT is (a) very reliable service company.  During the project period, Titan showed its leading and coordinate capacity working together for achieving Karara’s project successful.


During this project period, there are several unexpected obstacles, Titan ICT and its subcontractors Vocus and Gold net showed very­ cooperative and responsible manner working with Karara overcoming these barriers.  The results exceeded expectation.”

By General Manager HSEC and EA to CEO
Karara Mining Limited
An AnSteel Group Company

Multi-company Collaboration

A big thank you goes to all the companies involved:  Karara Mining Ltd, Vocus, and GoldNet. Through effective collaboration, the services were up and running only 4 weeks after getting the required permit on Nov 2021 to clear a site and build a new tower to deliver a high-speed microwave service into the mine from Mt Singleton and Mt Magnet.


Further Upgrade


A further upgrade, delivered on 30th April, has enabled 1Gbps bandwidth into Karara village. Truly a great testament to multi-company collaboration.

Completion of the entire project is due July 2022.  We look forward to bringing you more details upon project completion.


Karara, an AnSteel Group Company, is the biggest mining operation in the mid-west of Western Australia. It is the second largest magnetite mine in Australia.

Karara is a magnetite processing plant deploying world leading technology and has become the pioneer of future generation iron ore production. Their new “high-speed internet and streaming services” represent a significant milestone in their provision of an efficient work environment.


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