A stellar collaboration between Karara Mining, Titan ICT, Vocus and GoldNet has seen the Karara Mine Village lit up with high-speed internet and streaming services giving residents improved network coverage and connectivity.

Karara, an AnSteel Group Company, is the largest mining operation in Western Australia’s mid-west, located approximately 220km southeast of Geraldton. It is one of two operating magnetite mines in the state and the second-largest magnetite mine in Australia.

With world-leading technology driving the mine processing plant, Karara has positioned itself as the pioneer of next-generation iron ore production. The recently deployed high-speed internet and streaming services are key milestones to bring Karara mining to an efficient, sustainable operating environment, supporting the miner’s goals and the project’s expected 30-year lifespan.

As a specialist in network solutions and a Huawei Australia Gold Partner, Titan ICT was engaged to install the latest high-speed Huawei Wi-Fi and Fibre (GPON) technology around the Karara Village. The technology enables NBN-type internet speeds and services into the living quarters and common areas, totalling 384 Wi-Fi access points spanning 175 dongas, 700 rooms, kitchen facilities and other village amenities.

Mike Stegena, Director of Titan ICT, said, “Because of the cohesive working environment between all stakeholders, the solution was delivered in a mere six months and completed on time. It is a testament to the tremendous multi-company collaboration.”

“In fact, despite the need to clear a site and build a new tower to get the high-speed microwave service into the mine from Mt Singleton and Mt Magnet, the services were up and running only four weeks after getting the necessary permit for the works,” he said.

Titan ICT commissioned Vocus and GoldNet to deliver an initial 200Mb/s internet service into the mine to enable the use of the last-mile fibre and Wi-Fi solution. Over the coming months, this will be further upgraded to 1Gb/s.

“We are honoured to be able to provide such leading-edge services into Karara’s iron ore project, which has only been possible through the foresight and support of the Karara executive,” said Mr Stegena.

“Karara recognized that Titan ICT is very reliable service company.During the project period, Titan showed its leading and coordinate capacity working together for achieving Karara’s project successful.


During this project period, there are several unexpected obstacles, Titan ICT and its subcontractors Vocus and Gold net showed very cooperative and responsible manner working with Karara overcoming these barriers. The results exceeded expectation.”

By General Manager HSEC and EA to CEO

Karara Mining Limited

An AnSteel Group Company