Lady using Drone Technology

Until drone technology hit the telecommunication tower scene, the work of assessing towers fell to a fearless group of riggers. But climbing a telecommunication tower is laden with safety issues, and it’s a time-intensive exercise when done the old way. Enter drone technology. Now drones are giving you far greater control over understanding your tower assets. They quickly and accurately provide photos, videos and other data to enable towers to be maintained effectively.

Titan ICT and SiteSee Tower Assessment Solution

Titan ICT has partnered with Brisbane-based company, SiteSee, to provide you with a superior tower management solution. The SiteSee proprietary platform processes data collected from drone technology into a 3D model. It identifies all the specifics of the equipment and the structure, including the antenna type, the location, its elevation and the bearer.

A 3D Model

The tower data captured by drone technology is converted into virtual 3D models allowing you to see first-hand the condition of your assets. The solution provides you with fast access to the data with photos and videos that are clear and accurate. You’ll have increased confidence that comes from the asset analysis of the structure helping you make informed and timely decisions on your telecommunications infrastructure.

Drones get into every nook and cranny

Towers need preventative maintenance, so problems like rust and corrosion can be identified before they become a major problem. Sometimes when climbing a tower, visibility can be limited from the perspective inside the tower. But with a trusty drone on the job, it can provide detailed imagery of the whole structure. What’s more, it can identify corrosion that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

What’s in it for tower owners?

There are many benefits from using our drone tower management solution. These include:

  • Safer, low-cost way for to audit, manage and maintain telecommunications infrastructure
  • Improve safety for assessing towers
  • Reduce time spent manually assessing survey photos
  • Inform your decision-making strategies
  • Enhance data and access security with a cloud-based repository
  • Minimise site visits as you can measure, inspect and compare records from the portal
  • Remote condition assessments
  • Comprehensive maintenance workflows can be built from drone assessments

The results are in

In recent months, we have completed several Proof of Concepts which have proven the solution to be highly effective and accurate. We can easily demonstrate the results that show how you can hit the ground running in understanding your tower and implementing a proactive maintenance program. Get in touch to find out how drones and towers are a match made in heaven when it comes to better safety, and operational savings.


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