Hans Geissler - Service Desk Manager - Titan ICT


With a diverse career spanning more than two decades, Hans brings a wealth of experience to the role of Service Desk Manager at Titan ICT.

Hans’ IT journey began at the intersection of technology and education advancing through various roles, culminating in this key position within Titan ICT’s Support and Managed Services division.

Hans’ Driving Force

Throughout Hans’ career, his driving force has been delivering exceptional customer service in the dynamic field of IT. His passion lies in understanding the unique challenges faced by clients and providing prompt, effective solutions. This customer-centric approach has been a consistent thread, from his early days as an IT Manager and VET trainer to his current role at Titan ICT.

Hans’s Career Journey

  • Educational Foundation: Armed with a Bachelor of Business (Computing) from QUT, I began my career at Achievers Business College, gaining insights into real-world IT issues and the challenges faced by those new to the field.
  • Versatility at Qantm Australia: At Qantm, my role evolved from a VET trainer to IT Manager, where I honed my skills in Windows/Network administration and developed a keen interest in exceptional customer service.
  • Adaptability at Intertax: A challenging stint at Intertax saw me designing an entire IT network from scratch, showcasing my adaptability and problem-solving skills in unforeseen circumstances.
  • MSP Leadership at Mincom: Joining Mincom MSP, I specialised in Windows administration, managing diverse clients in the Mining and Energy sectors. This experience emphasised the importance of clear documentation and efficient issue resolution.
  • Strategic Leadership at Stanwell: At Stanwell, I climbed the ranks to become ICT Services Manager, overseeing ICT strategy and budgets. However, my passion for direct client interaction prompted me to transition to the role of Service Desk Manager at TitanICT.


In summary, my journey reflects a commitment to excellence, adaptability, and a customer-focused mindset. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to Titan ICT’s success, operating as part of an exceptional team responsible for guiding this critical business division.

Hans Geissler

SERVICE DESK MANAGER - Support & Managed Services, Titan ICT

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