Welcome to our guide on ITIL in the context of IT support. Discover how we integrate ITIL principles into our Support and Managed Services, enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and customer-centricity.

What is ITIL


ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework designed to standardise and improve IT service management. It’s a set of best-practices that organisations use to align their IT services with their business needs.

What this means at Titan ICT

At Titan ICT, ITIL isn’t just a framework—it’s the cornerstone of our approach to ICT support services. By aligning our support offerings with ITIL best-practices, we ensure a structured and standardised delivery of ICT services that harmonise with our clients’ requirements.

Key Components of ITIL


Within IT support, ITIL encompasses various components, with each element playing a vital role in ensuring that IT services are delivered seamlessly:

  • Incident Management.
  • Change Management.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Service Desk Management.
  • Service Level Management.
  • Service Request Management.
  • Problem Management.

What this means at Titan ICT

Titan ICT’s support services encompass various critical components influenced by ITIL. From incident management and problem resolution to change management and service desk procedures, each element is carefully configured to deliver seamless ICT support services, resolving issues efficiently while ensuring smooth operations.

Benefits of ITIL in IT Support


Implementing ITIL practices provides a range of benefits:

  • Enhanced service quality.
  • Reduced downtime through efficient process management around incidents, service requests and problem records.
  • Seamless transitions with robust change management processes.
  • Service governance.

What this means at Titan ICT

By implementing ITIL practices within our support services, Titan ICT capitalises on the framework’s benefits.  Our service desk facilitates responsive and tailored solutions, ensuring our clients’ business operations run smoothly.

Our Approach to ITIL in ICT Support

Understanding and implementing ITIL in ICT support is paramount. Titan ICT leverages these principles to provide reliable, effective, and tailored support and managed services. Our team is extensively trained in these best-practices, enabling us to deliver bespoke, efficient, and customer-centric support solutions that specifically address our clients’ unique business requirements. At Titan ICT, our commitment rests in integrating ITIL into our support services, ensuring that your business receives nothing short of exceptional support solutions.

Max Andersen

NATIONAL MANAGER: Support & Managed Services, Titan ICT

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