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SUBJECT: Managed Support Services. Overview of Solutions with Matthew Van Pelt

[speaker introduces himself and video]

Hi, I’m Matt from Titan ICT. This year we’re gonna go into some detail about what it is that we do, how it may be able to benefit you, as well as other people you may know, provide some industry insight and more thought-provoking material. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to delve into our support and managed services offering and how it helps businesses reduce downtime and improve efficiencies.

This includes but is not limited to proactive network management, wireless and radio systems, private LTE and Enterprise Microwave links, communications tower infrastructure management, operations and maintenance planning, network and cybersecurity, license tracking and management, as well as service management and governance.


[speaker concludes video]

Whether you talk to me about the right strategy for your business or whether you just follow our content to learn more about what it is that we do and have discussions within your own company, I look forward to going into more detail with you and until then, have a fantastic day.


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