Video Transcript

SUBJECT: Titan ICT Test Equipment for Commercial Hire

[speaker explains commissioning phase]

Any project that requires an installation phase has a commissioning phase that follows, and in the commissioning phase, we have to test the systems that we’ve installed… and with good test comes good test equipment.

[speaker discusses equipment available for hire]

Now, what you might not know is that Titan ICT actually has a large range of test equipment for hire. This test equipment ranges from FieldFox, microwave analysers, LTE drive test kits, Ethernet testers and even Wi-Fi testers.

[speaker explains the importance of test equipment]

Good test equipment not only allows you to determine whether the installation has met all the requirements in the project, it also gives you piece of mind that the installation is to the best quality. 


[speaker highlights upcoming video content]

Watch this space for upcoming videos on specific test equipment, what they do, how they can be used and how they can benefit your projects.

[speaker concludes the video]

For information in the meantime, please head to Titan ICT’s website and check out the range of test equipment we have to offer.

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