National Safe Work Month – WEEK ONE: INJURIES AT WORK

At Titan ICT, we acknowledge that everyone has the right to remain safe at work, so as part of National Safe Work Month, we’d like to focus on some of the common health and safety risks that pose a danger in the workplace. Injuries can occur as a result of slips, trips and falls; or from manual handling tasks such as lifting, pushing, pulling or moving objects. 

There are also non-visible work hazards with the potential to cause injury or illness, such as noise, gasses, vapours, fatigue or sitting for too long in one position. Regardless of industry, all work environments have HAZARDS that need to be identified and RISKS that need to be managed to maintain workers’ safety.

Weekly Themes

For each week of Safe Work Month, Safe Work Australia will focus on a theme, with week one being “Injuries at Work”. This theme focuses on the more common aspects of safety that every employee will be exposed to, including:

  • Manual Handling
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • General Workplace Environment Risks (such as air conditioning and lighting).

We encourage a visit to the Safe Work Australia Website to understand more about these common risks and this week’s theme.


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