With the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 wrapped up, it has been heralded a success in producing a world-class event and generating economic benefit, as well as the delivery of critical infrastructure that will benefit the people of the City of Gold Coast for years to follow.

It was evident the City of Gold Coast (COGC) was well planned and prepared for the infrastructure and logistical management demanded by being a Games host City. However, behind the scenes, the Games infrastructure also called for a highly resilient communications network for third-party services and games coverage.

Titan ICT was engaged by the COGC to provide a turnkey network solution for a high capacity IP/MPLS Network that would stand up to the data usage demands of the impending Commonwealth Games.

The project comprised the design, procurement, installation and commissioning of a Layer 3 MPLS network, as well as the design and integration of the application layer which included DHCP, NMS and security applications.

Director of Titan ICT, Mike Stegena said “The complexity of the project was heightened by the narrow timeline for the delivery of the network once the cable infrastructure was completed. The experience of our team combined with the selection of a vendor who was able to supply the equipment in stringent timeframes meant we were able to commission the network pre Christmas, allowing adequate time to undertake comprehensive testing prior to the ‘go live’ of the Games.”

“In essence, the team led by our Principal Consultant, Ben Hamilton, simply delivered on our commitments to the COGC.”

Commonwealth Games GC2018 viewed by more than a billion across the globe

The initial phase of the project delivered a citywide reliable, high speed WiFi service for the GC2018 Commonwealth Games.

The IP/MPLS Network also enabled interruption-free broadcasting of the Commonwealth Games and live streaming of CCTV to mobile devices along with fast, reliable internet connectivity to hundreds-of-thousands of visitors to the Gold Coast.

“The success of the IP/MPLS network meant that operational services such as Queensland Police and media outlets were able to rely on guaranteed high-speed internet and internet-work connectivity. The flexible and scalable nature of the IP/MPLS Network had the media connected, within hours, on the Just-in-Time principle. This meant customers could request services without experiencing extensive network configuration and delays”, said Mr Stegena.

“The network’s performance was faultless with all going according to plan. There was significant benefit to the media outlets who were able to execute interruption-free Games coverage, and customers who joined the network were able to enjoy high speed, disruption-free internet access.”

The IP/MPLS Network has been designed for scalability and has since been expanded to carry the COGC’s extensive CCTV network and the free WiFi offered in the City’s libraries. Over time, other third-party services will be integrated into the network.

Ian Hatton, the City of Gold Coast’s Chief Innovation and Economy Officer said “the City invested in this particular network as it represents a best-in-class carrier-grade system that can deliver super-fast internet,”

“Our investment in the network was brought forward to provide capacity during the Games and proved to reliably deliver around 1GB per second,”

“It now provides a vital piece of telecommunications infrastructure for the Gold Coast that has the potential to deliver economic benefit into the future.”

Titan ICT has also entered into an agreement with the COGC to provide 24/7 Level 2 and 3 Support for the IT/MPLS Network. The support encompasses on the ground break/fix and detailed network traffic flow analysis.

The effective delivery of the COGC IP/MPLS Network has demonstrated Titan ICT’s capability in the end-to-end delivery of IT infrastructure which according to Mr Stegena was a combination of the company’s expertise and its emphasis on collaboration to achieve defined business outcomes.

“Our focus on collaborative partnerships has seen us consult and coordinate with the COGC and their networking partners. We take great pride in nurturing close working relationships, and in this case contributing to the successful delivery of critical infrastructure.”

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