Titan ICT is at the forefront of a new wave of optical solutions for enterprise, and we are incredibly excited to release the first in a series of posts relating to xWDM/XR Optics in collaboration with our new partners, Infinera.

Our upcoming content will help operators in the natural resources sector reimagine a new future for their optical network architecture. But, before delving into this game-changing innovation designed to overcome traditional limitations in optical transmission, we want to provide a simple introduction to DWDM through the accompanying short video.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the world of XR Optics and explore how this game-changing technology is reshaping the landscape of connectivity.

In a hurry to know more? Visit our new solution page, which provides a summary of the revolutionary XR Optics technology and explains some of the business benefits for mining, energy, and transportation, from reduced costs to simplified network management.

Solution Page:

Video Transcript


[speaker introduces and explains topic]

Dense Wave Division Multiplexing is a complex term for what’s actually a relatively straightforward concept. It’s a technology that uses lasers to transmit optical signals across fibre optic cable using just a single colour of light, which is often called a wavelength. Traditional optical transmission solutions use lasers that emitted a broad spectrum of light or what’s called white light.

Using that technology, each fibre optic cable could only support the transmission from a single laser. Now with Dense Wave Division Multiplexing the data transmitted by numerous lasers, each one transmitting a different colour of light, can all be aggregated and transported over a single fibre.  

[speaker concludes video]

With modern, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing technology, 80 or more different optical signals or different wavelengths can all be carried by a single fibre. This has enabled us to significantly increase the capacity of fibre optic networks.


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