Client: Undisclosed Media Organisation
Project Name: Strategic Roadmap
Completion: 2013

Project Overview

With a recognised decline in paper sales and a need to develop more sustainable high growth channels,Titan ICT was engaged to define a Strategic Roadmap that would support a major media organisation’s retail function as their operating model underwent significant change into the future.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to maintain a profitable and viable business in the face of a declining market while at the same time decommissioning legacy technology and implementing changes to support a new channel strategy and operating model.

Prior to the recommended changes this organisation was very “Order Taking” focussed with limited ability to:

  • Drive sales of high margin product
  • Introduce new retail channels
  • Upsell to digital and/or bundled offerings

It was soon recognised that an Enterprise Architecture (EA) Roadmap was required to ensure:

  • The channel strategy was well defined and enabled
  • Legacy technology was gradually decommissioned to optimise operating costs
  • The implications of introducing a new operating model were clearly understood and associated initiatives well planned


Titan ICT proposed and gained agreement for the development of an EA Roadmap and supporting artefacts to:

  • Ensure technology initiatives had tight alignment to agreed business objectives;
  • Legacy technology/infrastructure was appropriately timed for decommissioning and aligned with the introduction of new technologies. This took into account key influencing factors such as Sales and Operational Planning and Logistics functions;
  • Risk and dependencies associated with transition planning were clearly understood prior to execution allowing for appropriate and well defined mitigation strategies; and
  • Business process and associated resourcing impacts were known upfront and incorporated into the transition planning


In summary, the client was delivered a clear, well defined and whole of business Roadmap that supported the required transitions and quickly and easily identified impact and risk should the business model require further change during execution.

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