Client: Rio Tinto
Project Name: Simandou Project
Completion: 2013

Project Overview

Simandou will become the largest integrated iron ore mine and infrastructureproject developed in Guinea, West Africa. Titan ICT were engagedto utilise their Enterprise Architecture expertise, ICT capability and knowledgeof mining operations to support Rio Tinto in ensuring that all infrastructure andapplication development aligned with business objectives from construction tofirst ore shipment and beyond.

The Challenge

Rio Tinto’s ICT systems encompass the mine, port and rail operationsencompassing multiple administrative, technology and services domains.The Simandou region consists of mountainous terrain and dense jungle. Thewet season spans three months of the year experiencing heavy rain andlightning activity.Multiple stakeholders are involved in ensuring the project’s success including:Rio Tinto, Government of Guinea, CHINALCO, International FinanceCorporation, Institution of World Bank Group and the EPCM.Rio Tinto is a long term partner in Guinea with planned investment in publicinfrastructure, the community and environment.


Titan ICT’s Rapid EA Cycle which is based on The OpenGroup Architecture Framework (TOGAF) and its experiencein many industry sectors including mining wasinstrumental in supporting Rio Tinto’s Enterprise Architecturevision and development providing:

The Business Reference model

  • Describing how the enterprise currently executesbusiness
  • Discovering the business drivers which in turn establishgoals which are achieved by measurable objectives

The Capability Reference model

  • Identifying the existing capabilities of the business
  • Pinpoint gaps in capability which require addressing

The Technical Transformation Roadmap

  • Enabling the technology transition from the currentmode of operation to the target architecture
  • Ensuring the technical direction maintains alignment with business objectives
  • Identifying risk prior to execution of activities enabling mitigating actions


The models and roadmaps were created by Titan ICT’s Enterprise Architects in collaboration with Rio Tinto toprovide confidence that the best fit-for-purpose technology and business processes were selected. Application and infrastructure were aligned with business objectives throughout the construction phase which commenced in 2012 and continues through to the first ore shipment in 2015.


In summary, Rio Tinto were delivered reference models and a technical roadmap supporting mine operations in Guinea with the capability to adapt with the business, enabling a long operational lifecycle with reduced risk.The roadmap included initiatives to provide a consolidated network and operating model to support mutiple business units


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