Client: Aligning IT and OT to Business Strategy
Project Name: Aligning IT and OT to Business Strategy
Completion: Ongoing

Project Overview

With a non-negotiable objective to achieve first gas within a specific timeframe, Titan’s Principal Enterprise Architect was engaged to define a roadmap that would identify synergies and efficiencies between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), while prioritising initiatives to ensure alignment to overarching business strategy.

The Challenges

The main challenge was to ensure the client had a single and realistic roadmap of initiatives that delivered on priority objectives. This could only be achieved if a whole of organisation view was taken in order to leverage synergies between IT and OT, not only from a technology perspective but also business and information perspectives.

Prior to the recommended approach being adopted independent strategies were taken between IT and OT. This resulted in:

  • Competing priorities based on perceived pain points;
  • Introduction or continuation of inefficient processes;
  • An inefficient operating model with ambiguous accountabilities; and
  • A disjointed technology landscape that did not meet the needs of the business.

It was soon recognised that an Enterprise Architecture (EA) Roadmap was required to ensure:

  • The strategic objectives of the organisation were documented, understood and prioritised;
  • The synergies and opportunities between IT and OT were identified and leveraged;
  • A whole of organisation Roadmap was developed to ensure Capability uplift was achieved in the relevant areas; and
  • A suitable technology landscape was developed that enabled both Operational and Back Office functions.


Titan’s Principal Enterprise Architect proposed and gained agreement for the development of an EA Roadmap and supporting artefacts to:

  • Align Business, IT and OT strategies;
  • Identify immature capabilities in context of delivering on strategic objectives; and
  • Gain agreement on a whole of business approach to prioritising and delivering strategically beneficial outcomes.


The client was easily able to identify where maximum value could be derived by leveraging synergies in IT and OT across all architecture dimensions. This resulted in a clear focus on time critical objectives.

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