Client: Rio Tinto
Project Name: Koodaideri Mine
Completion: 2012

Project Overview

The Koodaideri open cut iron ore mine located in central Western Australia is owned and operated by Rio Tinto. Telecommunications services were required to support the construction of the mine and ongoing operations. Once Titan ICT determined that it was possible to extend connectivity from the nearby mine site Yandi to the new site Koodaideri via microwave radio, they were engaged to successfully manage the installation and commissioning activities of the new microwave repeater sites.

The Challenges

To ensure a successful deployment, a comprehensive scope of works was required to ensure appropriate contractors were selected to provision towers, power systems and supporting shelter infrastructure for the radio and antenna systems.

Experienced project management and telecommunications system expertise was required to ensure limited mobilisation activities and efficient use of staff and resources ensuring adherence to schedule.


Rio Tinto was able to leverage Titan ICT’ extensive expertise in supplier and contract management, project management as well as site acquisition and build activities in remote regional environments to develop a scope of works (SOW) for the project that reduced risk to Rio Tinto.

Upon commencement of installation activities, Titan acted as the client representative managing contractors on site. Each day pre-start meetings, relevant safety inspections and interactions were executed to ensure Rio Tinto’s commitment to health and safety, environment and quality.

As Titan’s contracting manager was a qualified Engineer this enabled the microwave radio systems to be installed and commissioned during the same engagement, resulting in a reduction of the number of mobilisations required therefore reducing project costs.


Rio Tinto was able to extend the existing telecommunications network from Yandi to the Koodaideri mine via microwave radio enabling communications services to Koodaideri during the construction phase and then into mine operations.The microwave network extension was successfully built on Rio Tinto’s behalf ensuring adherence to health and safety, environment and quality standards using industry accepted best practices and project management methodologies.

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