Client: Ausdrill
Project Name: Ongoing Level 2 and Level 3 Network Support in Australia, Africa and the USA
Start Date: March 2009
Completion: Ongoing

Project Overview

Ausdrill is an integrated mining and energy services group that provides exploration, mine development and actively conducts surface and underground mining throughout Australia and Africa. Ausdrill’s data networking environment consists of hundreds of network elements from several manufactures including firewalls, routers, switches and wireless access points.

The Challenge

Ausdrill’s communications network provides the foundation for carriage of business and process control applications. Depending on the severity and complexity, network outages impact the ability for the business to operate.

Ausdrill technical staff perform network surveillance, failure detection and initial (Level 1) diagnostic and trouble resolution functions including hardware replacement activities. Should a problem be determined to be more complex in nature than the team can resolve, the problem requires escalation to a team that is experienced in rapidly identifying the problem and then rectifying the issue.


Ausdrill’s escalation point is to Titan ICT’s experienced networking support team who are able to remotely perform triage, pinpoint where the issue is and work with Ausdrill and their equipment or transmission service providers to resolve the problem. Should the unlikely event occur where the issue cannot be resolved remotely, Titan ICT has the facility to provide engineers directly to site. Support options are well defined with service level agreements which define service and severity levels, response times and escalation paths with detailed incident reports submitted at the close of the issue.


Ausdrill is assured that any issues that occur on their network are resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner by integrating Titan ICT into their fault resolution process. Ausdrill leverages the experience, training, expertise and processes of Titan’s support staff as and when required. Titan ICT’s networking support team have been actively supporting all network devices including switching, routing and security configurations throughout Ausdrill’s operations since 2009.

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