Client: Health Service Provider
Project Name: Technical Challenges with Real Time Location System (RTLS)
Completion: July – August 2017

Project Overview

A specialist unit within a prominent Perth hospital employs a real-time location system (RTLS) in its patients’ area to ensure the safety of its employees. The system uses tags and wireless WiFi VoIP telephone handsets with duress functions to track the location of staff in real-time and locate them in a duress situation.

The RTLS had functioned well for a period following its commissioning. However, in the six months leading up to Titan ICT’s engagement, the Health Service provider had lost confidence in the system and its ability to accurately locate staff in real-time and support acceptable quality telephone calls. The IT Support department, the original installers and the RTLS vendors had all been alerted and were attempting to find a solution to the performance problems being experienced.

Titan ICT’s approach to this problem stemmed from first design principles based on the RTLS design requirements, radio frequency (RF) engineering design and a deep understanding of the WiFi standards. By applying these principles, a number of factors were exposed as to the likely cause of the issues being experienced and the subsequent deployment of remedies to counteract the interference causing the RTLS malfunction.

The result saw the IT service provider, client and RTLS vendor working in harmony to implement Titan’s recommended solution. The cooperation being fostered through Titan’s inclusive and collaborative consulting approach and sound technical basis for its recommendations that was clearly understood by all parties.