Client: Origin Energy
Project Name: Various Telecommunications Services
Start Date:  2010
Completion: Ongoing

Project Overview

Titan ICT has been engaged by Origin Energy to provide consultancy services for APLNG project in the following capacity.

Provision of consultancy services to perform contractor supervision and design validation of radio, fibre and power works for the APLNG program of projects. Projects include:

  • Radio Technology Study to support current and future business operation.
  • Pre-FEED for APLNG project that included the analysis of various technologies to enable the remote collection of data from remote wellhead sites.
  • Design and scoping of IP network extensions to support Reedy Creek Water Telemetry system. The network was designed using ISA95 principles.
  • On-site audit and asset condition assessment of existing telecommunications installations at Spring Gully, Taloona, Strathblane and Talinga sites.

Development of Preventive Maintenance (PM) procedures for diesel generators and NMS.

DTVMR (DAMM Tetra) HMI Project – Titan undertook the investigation, design review, design development, preliminary documentation and details for the Origin DTVMR Operational Requirements project.

Site Design Services – For numerous sites Titan provided:

  • Analysis of current information and drawings.
  • Generation of templates to assist auditor
  • Review and amendment of Plexal Group CAD drawings.
  • Development of required schedules and calculation sheets
  • Submission of drawings to Origin Document Control

Pressure Monitoring Facilities and Pilot Wells Telemetry Communications

Titan provided design for delivery of 19 Pressure Monitoring and 11 Pilot Well sites:

  • Provide design documentation including Antenna System installation and alignment guidance for external contractors to arrange the purchase of telecommunications related equipment.
  • Arrange SIM activation
  • Coordinate 3G modem configuration
  • Alarm System integration (Solarwinds)
  • Fixed communication networks Layer 2 & Layer 3 diagrams developments
  • Cable Schedule
  • Site Acceptance Test Plan