Client: Tier 1 Miner
Project Name: Village WiFi Vendor Selection and Testing
Completion: June 2017

Project Overview

In the interests of maintaining and improving the living experience and levels of mental wellbeing in Miner’s onsite accommodation villages, it initiated a programme to provide in-room internet access for personal mobile devices. This encompassed over 10,000 rooms in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The driver behind this wireless systems initiative was to give residents the ability to make video calls and stream individual content on services such as Netflix, Stan and Foxtel Go in line with the growing national and international trend.

Titan ICT was selected, in a competitive process, as the independent consultant to undertake the selection of the solution and test it against the Miner’s stringent criteria.

A multi-pronged approach to vendor selection and rigorous testing to meet the client’s stringent selection criteria was undertaken. Titan’s final report and recommendation was accepted by the client and they proceeded to commercial negotiations with the vendor and subsequently released a tender for the initial deployment of in-room WiFi.