Titan ICT was involved in a project to create a solution for a regional council authority in order to provide more reliable voice and data services, the solution included implementing a smart vehicle communication systems.

Client: Local Government Authority
Project Name: Regional and reliable voice and data services
Completion:  2019

Project Overview

A regional council became reliant on utilising the public cellular networks as its primary transport media. However, due to performance issues such as lack of coverage, availability and congestion especially during natural disasters or emergencies. The council was seeking alternative technologies to provide reliable voice and data services.

Titan ICT delivered a solution that provided a multi-bearer vehicle communication that offers an extremely high level of connectivity with access to cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi and Land Mobile Radio (LMR).

Key facts:

  • Administration area of 58,870km²
  • Residential population of 24,275 extending across 17 communities
  • 25 operating coal mines in the region

Pain points:

  • During times of natural disasters, reliable communication is inconsistent especially in blackspot areas where cellular/data networks are not available.
  • The legacy analogue radio communication system in use:
    • has passed the end of life point;
    • ceased to be used in recent years; and
    • has no ongoing vendor support
  • The local disaster management team relies on the public cellular networks which can be:
    • patchy and congested; and
    • presents a lack of coverage and availability


A viable and reliable communication path is essential for connectivity and on-time assistance specially in a regional landscape.


The solution: Smart Vehicle Communications System

  • A highly available voice and data communication system that supports consistent connectivity through multiple communication channels including in black spot areas where no mobile or radio coverage is available
  • The solution provides:
    • Voice and data communications
    • Access to a smart portal for device configurations and near real time location tracking
    • Ongoing service management and maintenance support
  • The benefits: 
    • Reliability
      • Routes to available bearers
    • Simplicity
      • Multiple communication channels with one solution
    • Security
      • Handheld devices with built-in emergency alert system
      • Asset tracking solution
    • Flexibility
      • Communicate between talk groups
      • Vehicle to control centre communication
      • Vehicle to vehicle communication
      • Vehicle to operator communication
    • Cost effective
      • Customisable package based on your needs