Freedom R8100 – Communications System Analyser

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Product Description

The following information is sourced from the Freedom Website.

The R8100 is the premium, ultra-portable member of our product family. It has all the functionality and test capabilities of our industry standard R8000 communications system analyzer, but also features an internal battery, premier ergonomics and suite of advanced features that are optional on the R8000. With the R8100, there’s absolutely no trade-off between benchtop power and total portability and the unit’s Class 3 Mil-Spec shock and vibration rating at test to its suitability for nearly any LMR test environment.


Every R8100 ships with a Lithium Ion battery weighing just one pound (490g). The battery powers the unit for well over 90 minutes and is field swappable in less than 30 seconds. Just open the cover, remove the battery, and insert another into the side of the unit. While on AC power, the R8100 charges the internal battery and when AC power is removed, the unit seamlessly moves from AC to DC without interruption. The R8100 display always shows available battery capacity . Spare batteries and a stand-alone charger can also be purchased for applications requiring extended portability.


Our proprietary “Dual-Display,” showing the carrier and modulation scope on the same screen is included as a standard feature with every R8100, as is a tracking generator and cable fault locator. A feature unique to the R8100 is the ability to select the power meter scale in bar graph mode: choose from 5, 50 or 150W. Finally, the R8100 also offers the ability to display menu selections in French, German and Spanish.


Our Tracking Generator option provides an integrated instrument that sets up the RF Generator in a sweeping mode that is lock stepped with the Spectrum Analyzer. The tracker’s extraordinary dynamic range and response time delivers an invaluable tool for measuring and servicing RF filtering and combining networks like IF filters and Duplexers. The R8100 low Spectrum Analyzer noise floor, FFT processing, and broad selection of display and marker functions assure quick and accurate measurements. Antenna return loss and VSWR measurements can be made with the use of the optional Return Loss Bridge (R8-VSWR).


The R8100 features a colour-enhanced, high-contrast display with key measurements shown in larger, bright blue font. It’s tuning knob also serves as a data-entry key, allowing the user to minimize the amount of hand movement required to navigate test procedures. It also sports a rugged, foldable metal handle and earphone jack for use in high-noise environments.


The R8100 comes equipped with a superior spectrum analyzer with a noise floor well below -140 dBm at narrow spans, super-fast signal acquisition, 4 markers (2 standard), and an available variable vertical scale down to 1 dB per division.


The software-based architecture of the R8100 lets you add software options and upgrades in the field.
So if your needs change down the line, simply order the feature or protocol you need and enable it by entering a 16 digit option key using the front panel keypad.


The M&C consists of proprietary commands as well as support of IEEE standard equipment ID query for automating manufacturing test processes and procedures. This, along with the exceptional phase noise performance of the signal generator, makes it suitable for manufacturing and other high-performance applications, enabling significant reductions in capital costs.