​Keysight DSOX1202G – Oscilloscope

Image sourced from the Keysight website.

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Product Kit Contains:

– 2*Probes with Protective Endcaps
– 1*Mains IEC
– 2*Probe Shrouds
– 1*DSOXBODE Bode Plot Training Kit Circuit
– 12* Coloured Rings
– 1* Plastic Adjustment Screwdriver

Product Description

The following information is sourced from the Keysight website.

The InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes are entry-level oscilloscopes with professional-level capabilities and connected software for remote control and data logging. It features 6-in-1 instrument integration and is part of the Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series of four unique instruments that harness one powerful graphical interface. Have confidence in your results knowing the 1000 X-Series uses the same Keysight-custom technology used in other InfiniiVision Series oscilloscopes. Finally, an entry-level oscilloscope you can trust to give you professional measurements.

  • Path Wave Bench Vue oscilloscope software for remote control, data logging, and automated testing
  • Achieve 50 MHz to 200 MHz of bandwidth
  • See more signal detail with up to 200,000 waveforms/second update rate
  • Set up teaching labs with the free Educator’s Resource Kit and standard built-in training signals
  • Utilize up to 4 analog channels at one time
  • Quickly learn how to use with built-in help and training signals
  • Perform advanced analysis with mask testing, FFT, math functions, analog bus, and protocol triggering / decoding capabilities