​Viavi MTS-5800 – Handheld Network and Fiber Tester

Image sourced from the Viavi website.

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Product Kit Contains:

– 1*IEC Cable
– 1*FINISAR 850nm SFP+10GigE, FTLX8574D3BCL
– 1*FINISAR 1310nm SFP+10GigE, FTLX1471D3BCL
– 2*FINSAR 850nm SFP, FTLF8519P3BNL
– 2*FINSAR 1310nm SFP, FTLF1318P3BTL
– 1*BNC(f) to SMA(m) Adapter with External Clock Cable
– 2* RJ45 to RJ45 cable
– Soft Carry bag
– Launch Leads
– Patch Cable
– Connectors

Product Description

The following information is sourced from the Viavi website.

The T-BERD/MTS-5800 handheld network tester is the one tool that network technicians and engineers need to install, turn-up, and maintain their networks. It supports both the legacy and emerging technologies required to handle various network applications including metro/core, mobile backhaul, and business services installations. The industry’s smallest handheld instrument can test throughout the service life cycle, including fiber characterization, service activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Advanced Ethernet test features such as True Speed per RFC 6349, J-Profiler™, Wire speed capture/decode, and automated J-Mentor, help field technicians test their networks faster and more accurately than ever before. Learn more about Fiber Testing and OTDR Testing from VIAVI experts.


  • Simplifies multi technology testing with an all-in-one dual-10 G handheld
  • Optimized for field use with a multitouch screen, scripted workflows, and clear results
  • Supports efficient best practices with repeatable methods and procedures
  • Speeds fiber characterization, Ethernet service activation, and troubleshooting tests
  • Empowers cell-site technicians to easily install and maintain back haul and front haul networks
  • Avoid costly and dangerous tower climbs


  • Fully loaded TDM/PDH to dual 10 G Ethernet, SONET, SDH, Fiber Channel, and OTN support
  • Automated, enhanced RFC 2544 and SAM Complete testing per ITU-T Y.1564
  • Integrated burst testing approach per MEF 34 and RFC 6349 True Speed TCP throughput testing
  • Integrated Timing/Synchronization testing including PTP/1588v2, SyncE, Wander, and One Way Delay test
  • Fronthaul Testing CPRI/OBSAI Layer 1/Layer 2 and emulation of Baseband and Remote Radio units
  • Single- and dual-port versions
  • Compatible with VIAVI 4100-Series OTDR modules and Smart Link Mapper™, fiber microscopes, and optical power meters – Learn more about OTDR Testing
  • BBU emulation


  • Mobile and backhaul characterization, validation, and troubleshooting
  • Converged Ethernet/IP network testing and troubleshooting at 10 Mbps to 10 G interfaces
  • Fiber link characterization and troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintenance of OTN and legacy SONET/SDH and TDM/PDH networks
  • Installation and maintenance of wireless synchronization technologies such as PTP/1588v2 and SyncE
  • Remote radio head (RRH) testing at the wireless base station
  • Test RRH health from the bottom of the tower via CPRI links and BBU emulation
  • Identify PIM and interference issues from an optical test access point (RFoCPRI)