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Titan ICT has published the following white papers that address various information and communications technology subject matter. You will need to register your details to request the White Paper/s

The mining industry has been embracing new technologies as it strives to increase both production base and efficiency in tough economic markets. This White Paper provides an overview of LTE technology and investigates what challenges are presented to the roll out of LTE in a mining setting.

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This paper present a fibre to the home business case to developers on the revenue benefits of creating ‘smart communities’ versus traditional communications technology. 

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This paper provides an overview on the International Network of E-Communities (INEC) declaration on Open Access Networks and its principles.

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The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview and compare the benefits, features and functionality of digital mobile radio systems in the 400MHz band as a reflection of recent changes to ACMA licensing regulations. Two such systems of importance in today’s market place include the Project 25 and TETRA standards. 

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As consumer demand increases for faster and cheaper solutions for high speed broadband networks and all the services it offers, Fibre to the Home technology has now become a necessary future. With Fibre to the Home becoming a mainstream technology elsewhere in the world, is Australia getting left behind? 

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This paper describes options for deployment of Fibre to the Premise access networks. Key enabling technologies and products are described; total costs of ownership and current evidence for deployments by other carriers are included in the scope of the evaluation. The paper concludes that access network deployment based on EPON technology is now viable and preferred solution as it provides a low cost of ownership, both for capital and ongoing maintenance. 

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