Titan ICT recently hosted a highly productive ‘Lunch and Learn’ session in conjunction with Axora to present and demonstrate a range of digital innovation solutions to leading mining clients.  Titan ICT and Axora formed a strategic partnership in September 2021 with the unified objective of helping to accelerate digital transformation across the mining and energy industries. Both Titan ICT and Axora were proud to present a selection of unique solutions to our valued clients. 

The solutions presented at the event can be viewed on our Digital Innovation Solutions pages.  Each solution is designed to maximise efficiency while minimising costs for the mining and energy industries.

Nick Mayhew, Axora’s Chief Commercial Officer, demonstrated XR HealthPass, an integrated, fully digitalized health scanner to support rapid processing of shift-change checks in the mining industry.

Corey Vaughan presented the IIoT Wear Sensor which measures the internal abrasive wear in pipes, chutes, bins, and wear plates.

Ryan Norris presented the Predictive Maintenance System to monitor conveyor systems remotely and in real-time.

Paul Mannering, Titan ICT’s principal consultant, demonstrated the Fuel Contaminate Reduction Solution, a unique system to feed the cleanest available fuel to mining vehicle engines to reduce Co2 emissions and fuel consumption. Paul also presented a Contaminant Identification System for Conveyor Belts and co-presented some of the aforementioned solutions.

Kazi Shahid, Titan ICT’s Practice Lead for Digital Services, presented our Predictive Maintenance System to support Asset Management in the mining and energy industries.

Thank you to everyone who attended the session including clients, subject matter experts and partners.  A special thank you goes to Gary Wainwright and Paul Mannering for organising the Lunch and Learn and to Nick Mayhew and Joe Carr who flew in from the UK along with Corey Vaughan and Ryan Norris, who travelled from Queensland to add their valuable contribution to the successful event.



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