Titan ICT’s new managing director, Mr Chris Upstone (pictured left), has made an outstanding start in his first few weeks taking over the reins from Mike Stegena, who has directed the company since 2003. The great news is that Mike will maintain an active presence within both Titan ICT and affiliated company Rail Systems Australia (RSA). Mike will continue to provide strategic leadership and valuable mentorship while supporting clients and colleagues with his expertise and extensive industry knowledge.

Both Titan ICT and RSA have experienced incredible year on year growth, with both companies reaching new heights in 2022. Mike’s directorship has played a key role in fuelling the success of the group, alongside incredibly talented and dedicated staff (both current and past). In recognition of Mike’s invaluable leadership, we’d like to provide an insight into the group’s humble origins and solid growth runway over the past two decades.

In 2003, Mike Stegena formed a company with Craig Van Heurck to provide recruitment services and engineering in one company, hence Titan Recruitment and Consulting was formed by the two co-owners who kicked-off with just one staff member.

Both the recruitment and engineering divisions expanded throughout 2004. Growth of the consulting business accelerated during 2005 as a direct result of the Perth to Mandurah Railway Project. This three-year project proved to be a critical enabler, leading to even greater success during 2007 when the mining boom was in full swing. 

This rise in success was the catalyst for significant new milestones during 2008 which included the opening of the company’s Brisbane office and the securement of work with Origin Energy in Queensland.  In 2015, the company was divided between recruitment and ICT, leading to the formation of Titan ICT, with Mike Stegena at the helm, ready to encompass systems integration and support. Following this, a small rail signalling company called MGB was purchased, which evolved into Rail Systems Australia in 2016 to enable a clear focus on the rail market, and has since flourished under the expert leadership of Managing Director, Mr Tom Warner.  

Rapid expansion led to the opening of two additional offices, one in Sydney and another in Melbourne in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Currently the group is engaged in projects Australia-wide with an impressive headcount of 200+ employees. Titan ICT and Rail Systems Australia now generate more than AU$60 million in turnover, which is a long way from the three-person company that started in 2003.

The provision of excellent customer service has remained central to Mike’s ethos throughout his entire business career. He upholds a steadfast determination to “never give up on a job” and carries an inherent drive to be innovative, solve technical challenges and deliver quality, bespoke engineering solutions.

Mike has always aimed to provide opportunities for engineers to further their education and provide a workplace where professionals can grow their careers for the betterment of themselves and the company.  He has fostered a caring environment where the lives of staff members and their families matter.

These qualities, attitudes and approaches have underpinned the group’s outstanding results which have surpassed even Mike’s own expectations.

Mike is excited about the fresh ideas and new directions that Chris Upstone will bring to Titan ICT. Working in close partnership, Mike and Chris will help Titan ICT adapt to new market conditions and keep abreast of technological change while continuing to support careers and provide valuable knowledge-based services / solutions to clients. The future is looking very bright! Stay tuned!


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