Titan ICT recently completed a pro bono project for eHealth Africa who is coordinating a pilot programme to improve connectivity with remote villages of Guinea, West Africa to provide better access to health services.

The programme aims to revitalise health services in a way that not only results in improved services, it leaves a legacy of a sustainable public healthcare function. If successful, the programme would be rolled out to other Countries in connecting health with vulnerable communities.

Managing Director, Mike Stegena, said “through our extensive work in Guinea designing and implementing integrated communications networks for Rio Tinto’s Simandou project, we were approached by eHealth Africa to assist with the Pita Site Survey. Our man on the ground at the time, Michael Ryan, was familiar with the region and was assigned to undertake the work.”

Titan provided ICT services for the pilot programme including a feasibility study for voice and data services, and technology selection.

Titan ICT’s Principal Consultant, Michael Ryan, said “currently, the only means of receiving voice and data services is via an obsolete network. eHealth Africa is seeking to deliver telemedicine services to remote villages, and to do this effectively requires reliable mobile communications.”

“We were more than happy to invest our time and services to help facilitate a technology solution for the region that ultimately will achieve better health services for vulnerable communities.”

For more information on e-Health Africa’s work in Guinea, visit http://www.ehealthafrica.org/