Image of Matthew Van Pelt - Business Development Manager at Titan ICT


With nearly two decades of consultative expertise, Matthew steps into his new role as Business Development Manager at Titan ICT poised to unravel the intricate needs of clients. He will leverage his extensive experience to navigate their complex requirements.

Matthew likes to work with large complex problems that he can really sink his teeth into. He understands that collaboration with the right people will always achieve greater success than “going it alone” and he has perfected this approach across previous roles within prominent Australian companies such as Telstra, Optus and Vita Group.

Matthew’s Key Strategy

Ensuring all the correct people are involved from the start is a strategy that Matthew considers crucial in addressing the inherent challenges and high downtime-costs associated with the resource and energy sectors.


Matthew’s Value-Add

Across my career I have found that many people rarely listen to all the information at hand, and primarily listen for key factors that they understand and can address. I have found that in slowing down to get all the possible information, I am able to comprehensively understand what the real issues are that need resolving.

With the backing of our team of engineers and subject-matter experts here at Titan ICT, I have confidence that we can collectively create the right solution for all our clients’ needs.

Matthew Van Pelt


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