Internet of Things

As organisations seek to become more operational and cost-efficient, adopting IoT within its business can provide an ecosystem that enables accurate decision-making and eases the digital transformation journey that supports sustainable growth.

​Titan ICT proactively works with clients in helping them move from a state of being reactive to a strategic framework that is diagnostic, predictive and cognitive.

We engineer a range of bespoke IoT solutions that are scalable and can substantially improve operational efficiencies and safety as well as increase productivity, both process and people.

Industrial IoT Applications

Condition Monitoring

Real-time performance and behaviour monitoring of machinery and equipment enabling accurate predictive or preventative maintenance.

Asset Management

Remote monitoring and asset traceability providing real-time knowledge of inventory or optimising utilisation of assets.

Personal Safety

Improve OHS compliance by tracking resources, monitoring air and water quality or detecting hazardous elements in the operational environment.

Energy & Sustainability

Access real-time data and analytics that monitors energy and water consumption to facilitate energy efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

Environmental Solutions

Monitor water and air quality, ph/salinity levels, soil moisture and temperature for effective environmental control during operations or rehabilitation.

We bring together hand selected engineers who have the domain expertise to design, develop and system integrate a customised smart solution that fits your operations’ specific needs. We take a holistic view on how the new IoT solution integrates into your existing systems and equipment, to deliver a fit-for-purpose outcome.

Our multi-discipline expertise across network design, smart solution strategy development and delivery of IoT projects at an international level, means we can get the job done in a way that’s practical, integrated and seamless.