In an ever changing digitally enabled and globally accessible business environment, Titan ICT’s Technology Risk consulting encompasses a diverse range of solutions to address the complex cybersecurity needs for organisations of all sizes.

We provide a range of custom solutions to confront the very real issue of Cybersecurity, and can provide sound advice on how to mitigate the security risks that connectivity brings.

From providing high level advice on new and emerging technologies through to systems integration, we can help you design the security solution to meet your business’ needs.

Putting our industry know-how to work for you

Titan ICT’s unique offering is tailored for digital technology risks and cybersecurity for Operational Technology (OT) environments.

Our Consultants have extensive experience across both cybersecurity and telecommunications, and understand that the business objectives for OT are quite different to traditional IT. We bring our integrated experience of “Cybersecurity Telecommunication and Rail” through strategic and technical engineering technology know-how backed by leading edge processes and practices.

We not only focus on the technical aspects, we also consider the application of Governance Risk and Assurance, Process Safety, Security, Strategy, Architecture and Human Factors to deliver a solution that is fit for purpose.

Relational Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Maximising global best practice, we are committed to interweaving a lifecycle of evergreen Cybersecurity assurance overlayed with Titan ICT’s Relational Ecosystem; that is, we design methods to manage risks and build cyber security into the fabric of your organisation, while providing continuous business productivity improvement.

Our Technology Risk and Cybersecurity services include:

Security Consulting

  • Production /Operational Technology (OT) specific
  • Technical assessments
  • Pointed assessments
  • Program assurance and review
  • Security maturity assessments
  • Cyber resiliency – crisis management
  • Policy, strategy, architectural

Managed Security

  • Security Operations / Incident response
  • Security as a service
  • CISO (management) as a service
  • Security technical support
  • As a Service
  • MSSP

Technology Services

  • Production /OT specific Solutions
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Secured communications
  • Secure email and web application protection
  • Secure email
  • Secure web application
  • Secure voice
  • Carrier style communication management
  • Cloud and mobility
  • Threat prevention and management

 For more information on Technology Risk and Cybersecurity solutions, please contact us.