Telecommunications Asset Management

Safe and cost-effective tower management

The process of auditing, managing and maintaining your telecommunications infrastructure has just become far more efficient and economical.

By harnessing drone and machine learning technologies, Titan ICT delivers a new safe, low-cost way to manage the complex infrastructure associated with the delivery of telecommunications services.

As a channel partner of SiteSee, a cloud-based infrastructure management platform, we provide a turnkey solution for the data capture and automated management of your telecommunications infrastructure.

How it works

In the past, tower assessments have been undertaken by riggers which represents a high-risk activity and time-intensive process to business. Now, there’s a better way to inspect towers that improves safety, reduces operational costs and supports strategic decision-making.

Tower data captured by drone-technology is converted into virtual 3D models allowing you to see first-hand the condition of your assets.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, patented algorithms and machine learning, the drone will identify, collect data and categorise, by model, position and dimension, tower assets including:

  • radio units
  • antennas
  • microwave dishes
  • other information associated with the condition of the tower such as Electromagnetic Emission (EME) and Radiation Hazard

The extracted 3D model is easy to use, and the level of intelligence sets a new benchmark for telecommunications tower management which can assist in optimising operations or help make informed decisions for effective monitoring and maintenance of the tower(s).

Data for the effective management of tower assets

Once the drone has captured the tower data, it is stored in a secure cloud-based repository, stored in the USA, that can be accessed at any time for design, quality auditing, radiation hazard compliance or other activities. Detailed analytics enable several functions to be performed.

Giving you greater control of your tower assets:

  • Removes the high-risk task of climbing towers
  • Removes the time-consuming task of assessing survey photos
  • Ensures accuracy of information
  • A secure repository for your data which can be accessed quickly and effectively
  • Reduces the need for site visits as you can measure, inspect and compare records online
  • Perform condition assessments from your desktop
  • Decision-making based on accurate analytics and insights