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Titan ICT has been designing WDM / optical networks for Australia’s largest companies for almost two decades. Our expertise covers the entire project lifecycle encompassing advisory, engineering and design, systems integration and support. We are at the forefront of a new wave of optical solutions for enterprise.

XR Optics – the New Revolution in Optical Networking

Transform your Network with XR Optics: A game-changing innovation, purpose-built to overcome traditional limitations in optical transmission. As 5G, fibre deep, and hyperscale cloud connectivity present new challenges, XR Optics disrupts network economics.

With innovative coherent optical subcarrier aggregation, it introduces a pluggable, software-enabled architecture, dramatically reducing deployment and operational costs. Enjoy unmatched flexibility as XR Optics seamlessly adapts to both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations.


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Reimagine a New Future for your Optical Network Architecture

Benefits of XR Optics for our Clients

From a Business Perspective

Reduce Costs

XR Optics delivers Operational Expenditure and Capital Expenditure savings through intelligent network resource optimisation. Decrease operational expenses by minimising power consumption, footprint, aggregation sites, product support costs, and onsite visits. Align capital expenditures with actual bandwidth requirements and seamlessly adapt to evolving traffic demands.

Improve Network Reliability & Reduce Risk of Downtime

Designed to handle challenging conditions, XR Optics is well-suited for deployments in remote and harsh environments, such as those encountered in mining, energy and transportation sectors. Enhanced network reliability in these conditions, reduces the risk of downtime and ensures continuous communication in mission-critical operations.

Simplify Network Management

XR Optics offers a more streamlined and flexible architecture that makes it easier to monitor and control your network infrastructure, even in remote and challenging environments.

Enhance Security

XR Optics incorporates advanced security features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data, addressing concerns relating to cybersecurity in critical sectors.

Reduced Latency

XR Optics minimises latency, crucial for applications in mining, energy and transportation where real-time data processing is essential for efficient operations, safety, and decision-making.

Future-proof Network Infrastructure

Deployment of XR Optics helps to future-proof investments in network infrastructure, ensuring that it can accommodate emerging technologies and increasing data demands over the long term.

From a Technical Perspective

Increase Bandwidth Efficiency

XR Optics enables a more efficient use of available bandwidth, allowing companies to handle increasing data demands without the need for constant infrastructure upgrades.

Harness Flexibility and Scalability

The technology provides a flexible and scalable network architecture, allowing our clients to adapt to changing demands and easily expand their network capabilities as required.

Support Energy Efficiency

XR Optics supports energy efficiency, an important consideration for industries like mining, energy and transportation. Efficiencies are delivered through the optimised use of resources and reduced power consumption.

Minimise the Number of Optical Transceivers

Optimise optical transceiver usage by consolidating multiple spoke devices onto a single hub transceiver, minimising the overall number of transceivers required.

Maximise Router Efficiency, Density & Simplicity

Optimise router efficiency, density, and simplicity by substituting numerous low-speed ports with a smaller quantity of high-speed ports. These versatile high-speed ports serve dual roles as both aggregation and network interfaces, streamlining operations.

Eliminate Intermediate Packet Aggregation Stages

Remove intermediate packet aggregation stages by utilising larger, more efficient switching devices at centralised sites.

Summary of XR Optics Technology

XR Optics revolutionises traditional optical technology by leveraging
digital subcarrier technology.

Unlike conventional point-to-point systems, XR Optics employs coherent lasers and advanced digital signal processing to divide a single-carrier wavelength into multiple lower-bandwidth subcarriers. These subcarriers, each with specific characteristics, can be assigned to different endpoints, optimising network efficiency.

Ideal for hub-and-spoke applications, XR Optics dramatically reduces the number of optical transceivers, delivering significant capital expenditure savings, power efficiency, and space optimisation. By eliminating intermediate aggregation stages, the technology simplifies network infrastructure, maximising router efficiency, density, and simplicity.

XR Optics also allows for a flexible allocation of bandwidth, aligning capital expenditure with actual needs and enabling quick adaptation to changing traffic demands. This ground-breaking technology is particularly beneficial for sectors like mining and energy, offering a transformative solution to reduce operational costs and enhance network performance.

Flexible Subcarrier-based Suite of Pluggable Optical Solutions



Simplify Transport Networks

Simplify Transport Networks

With coherent subcarrier aggregation (CSA) and the ability to efficiently optimise aggregation networks for point-to-multipoint traffic patterns.

Simplify Transport Networks

Reduce Capital, Space and Power

Use a single high-speed transceiver to simultaneously send and receive independent data streams to/from numerous low-speed transceivers.

Eliminate Intermediate Aggregation

Eliminate Intermediate Aggregation

Eliminate costly optical-electrical-optical network elements (switches and routers) required to “up-speed” lower-speed traffic.

Eliminate Intermediate Aggregation

Seamlessly Upgrade Capacity

With programmable software control, seamlessly upgrade transmission speeds between hub and spoke locations as demands evolve.

Addressing a Fundamental Challenge 

Since the early days of optical networking, there has been a notable discrepancy between the real traffic patterns at the network edge and the technology employed for transporting that traffic. At the edge, network traffic predominantly follows a hub-and-spoke model, where numerous endpoints generate traffic aggregated by a limited number of hub locations. In contrast, optical connectivity solutions have predominantly relied on strictly point-to-point technology. The consequence is an exceptionally inefficient transport architecture, necessitating numerous endpoint transceivers and intermediate aggregation devices to enhance the speed of traffic flows.





Revolutionising Networking through
Coherent Subcarrier Aggregation Innovation

Beyond its efficient support for point-to-point applications, XR Optics introduces the industry’s first scalable solution tailored for point-to-multipoint traffic flows. Leveraging Nyquist subcarrier innovation, XR Optics empowers a single transceiver to generate multiple lower-speed subcarriers, each independently directed to diverse destinations. This ground-breaking technology, accommodating both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations through a unified coherent pluggable, provides network operators with heightened deployment flexibility and reduced sparing costs.

Substantial Savings for Network Operators

XR Optics empowers network operators to significantly decrease the number of transceivers, eliminate the necessity for expensive intermediate aggregation devices, and efficiently optimise optical transport infrastructure for hub-and-spoke end-user traffic flows. This results in total cost of ownership (TCO) savings of 70% or more. Infinera’s comprehensive range of vertically integrated ICE-X pluggables harnesses XR Optics technology, providing network operators with essential performance, scale, and efficiency to deliver distinctive 5G, advanced broadband, and next-generation cloud and business services.

Traditional Point-to-Point Optical Solutions vs XR Optics-Enabled Point-to-Multipoint Communications

Multi Award Winning Solution

XR Optics, and Infinera’s implementation of the technology, ICE-X, have earned industry accolades for innovative breakthroughs, transformative applications, and significant contributions to energy efficiency for a greener future.

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