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Overview of XR Optics – the New Revolution in Optical Networking

Leverage award-winning point-to-multipoint architecture by Infinera to meet the burgeoning demands of modern connectivity.  Traditional point-to-point operations are straining under escalating bandwidth demands, diverse data streams and a surge in end-point devices.

XR Optics offers the technological step-change necessary to handle the proliferation of high-speed broadband services, 5G technology, cloud-based services and other demands associated with our evolving digital landscape.

This revolutionary technology simplifies and optimises optical networking to a bring host of business benefits including reduced costs and enhanced reliability.


XR Optics Overview

Additional ICE-X PDFs

ICE-X Portfolio of Intelligent Coherent Pluggables

ICE-X Portfolio of Intelligent Coherent Pluggables

Cover of document relating to XR Optics

Delivering on the Promise of IPoDWDM

Cover of document relating to XR Optics

ICE-X in PON Overlay Applications

Cover of document relating to XR Optics

ICE-X Point-to-Multipoint Optics in
Infinera Metro DWDM Networks

Cover of document relating to XR Optics

ICE-X in 5G xHaul Transport

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Learn about the business benefits of implementing XR Optics

Multi Award Winning Solution

XR Optics, and Infinera’s implementation of the technology, ICE-X, have earned industry accolades for innovative breakthroughs, transformative applications, and significant contributions to energy efficiency for a greener future.

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